MLO ReStart - Test Preparation for Existing MLOs


The MLO Restart Program is more than just practice tests.  The MLO Restart Program provides students with unlimited access to all 20-hour pre-license content delivered in small class units.  Each unit thoroughly covers a particular topic.  The student can focus on learning the material they feel is necessary.  

With this course, you will receive about 300 pages of text material, over fifty videos covering each topic and practice test to help you learn the necessary material.

The MLO Restart Program offers the student unlimited practice testing for the national licensing test.  Each student can ask questions to an instructor to get additional help with the material.

Also, every student has an assigned Enrollment Counselor to help them prepare for the national test.

The MLO Restart Program is the most complete NMLS Test preparation course offered anywhere!


Course Instructor: Donald Exley