MLO Essentials



One question many mortgage loan originators ask themselves is "how do I find more customers?"

Successful originators know what it takes to develop sales and how to adjust to changing markets.  We would like to introduce you to our MLO Essentials course, where you can learn strategies and techniques to build business in any market!

This 3-hour online, on-demand, course gives you a clear understanding of how someone becomes successful in the mortgage industry.  How to find customers, what to say to them, how to effectively communicate your products, even how to view prospecting as earning money!

Topics Include:

The 'Yes' Response: 
How to move your customer to agreement - objections are just another form of agreement.

4 Stages of Success: 
Most MLOs build their career to a point, then stall and never achieve total success.  Once you understand what it takes to build a successful career, you can avoid the trappings of the average MLO.

Your Success Triangle: 
There are 3 essential elements for a successful sales career.  Many MLOs are good at a couple, but few are good at all three.  Learn how to rise above the crowd.

Income By The Numbers: 
Did you know everyone you meet, actually pays you money, even if they don't buy?  Truly successful MLOs know this and they know how to turn every contact into a sale or sales channel.  Why not learn how?

Selling With Seminars: 
Everyone wants to be an expert at what they do.  You can spend decades showing the world what you know, or you can learn how to be viewed as the expert right away.  Providing education is the simplest and most effective way to turn your knowledge into income.

... and there is even more in this course!

We built this course using our vast experience in the mortgage business.  Knowing the pitfalls that all originators can face as they create a successful career, we implemented the best sales strategies in this course to help you become successful at an accelerated rate.  

Course Instructor: Donald Exley