Obtain Your SAFC Motgage Designation

Protecting consumer information from unauthorized access is a large problem for mortgage professionals and laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act are there to help protect consumers and maintain the integrity of their credit information.  With the SAFC-MLP Designation you can show your customers you have sufficient training to properly protect their financial information. 
The SAFC-MLP Designation stands for Safe Access For Credit - Mortgage Loan Professional.  The designation is provided by The National Consumer Reporting Association NCRA.
Identity theft being such a prevalent topic these days, your clients are keenly aware of who they provide their personal financial information to.  Having the designation allows you to provide to clients piece of mind, with them knowing that you took extra steps in professional development, specifically around financial protection.  Having this designation will show your clients you have an advanced skill-set within the industry.
After successful completion of the course, you will receive your SAFC-MLP Designation, issued by NCRA, which you can proudly display on your business cards and other marketing materials.
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Safe Access For Credit Deisignation

Why should I have the SAFC-MLP Designation?

As consumer become more aware of identity theft and finding ways to protect themselves and their financial information, a SAFC-MLP designation allows mortgage professionals to show their clients they are fully prepared to handle personal financial information.  The designation allows the mortgage professional to show clients they have excelled in advanced professional development and professional testing to obtain the SAFC-MLP designation.  Since professionals are required to complete education and pass an exam to obtain the designation, it is not something every MLO will have and will allow you some separation with competition.